I wrote a blog two years ago about how great the dentist was I used in Iceland, how funny it was that his assistant was the mother of the woman who had been my assistant at Vikingaheimar for one summer. That's how it is in Keflavík.

Today I called the dentist I used to use in Berkeley, where the file is still under my old married name. That office has the same assistant it had back in 2007, a woman with a thick accent who cannot spell anyone's last names just from hearing it. The odds that her and I have mutual acquaintances is rather remote.

Tomorrow I will be going to my new dentist in Walnut Creek, and the office manager there seems, from our phone conversations, to have a doctorate in dentistry herself. So I am looking forward to going there and hopefully finding a way to fix my upper teeth. I also due for a check up and cleaning.

By the time I go out with my friends Thursday night, I hope to at least have the big gap in my smile plugged. That would be nice.


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