Triple the fun!

My mom and dad braved the freeways of Los Angeles to come up to see me for Thanksgiving, which is the busiest travel holiday of the year in the U.S.  It is like Icelanders on Verslunamannahelgi or something. Well of course someone has to stay home to bake the turkey, but usually at least three or four other households join in, meaning that at least 2/3 of the population is simultaneously leaving their home and heading to someone else's home, all trying to be there by 10pm Wednesday night. That is a lot of traffic on the road all at once. Today, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the same thing happens again: everyone tries to head home. But the timing is less strict, since some people get sick of their families already by Friday and head home then.

My parents stayed all the way until Sunday morning, which is quite an honor really, since they'll have to hit a lot more traffic on their way home than they would have had they left yesterday. So that is nice.

Even nicer is that my mom--always thinking ahead--brought up my Christmas gifts with her, and this morning, I got to "unwrap" them (none of them were actually wrapped in wrapping paper, but most of them were in plastic or in the box still, so same difference).

And just like on Christmas day, we saved opening the biggest gift for last.

So I can now report on what I got for Christmas, a month early. It is a triple crock pot, the kind of thing a caterer uses or the sort of thing I could use at a fondu party. There are three 3 quart pots in one large metal tray, each of which can be set on a different temperature. I could serve an entire meal to 30 friends all at once with this thing, make myself three different dishes at once, or even start my own little catering business with it.

If I were still in Iceland, I know I would get a ton of use out of my triple crock-pot, because there were so many occasions in Iceland where I got to see my friends and family, where we all came together at one relative's house or another. But in the U.S., that rarely if ever happens. We are a world apart from one another here, and it takes something as formal as Thanksgiving to really bring people together.

But maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get to use my handy-dandy triple cooker, sometime before next year.


Anonymous said…
This is exactly why I don't want to move out of Iceland. My parents and sister living 10/12 minutes away. (well one of my brothers lives 4 hours off and the other in Vancouver at the moment - don't get to see them too often...)

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