Shoes for Óskar

The cousin in Iceland whom I was closest to as a child, Fanney Halldorsdóttir, has three kids. Two beautiful twin daughters who have our family's dark hair and dark eyes, and a younger boy who takes after his father's family, with reddish hair and blue eyes. I babysat the twins a lot, but never did so with Óskar. But he was always great with Palmer, and of course as he got older I started to notice that he has at least one thing in common with me: he is a Libra. Very much so. He is turning into a funny, smart and outgoing teenager, and cuter by the minute. So when he sent me a message on facebook asking me to do him a favor, well of course I could not refuse. 

He needs me to bring a pair of sneakers to him when I come to Iceland. Problem is I am not really coming to Iceland; I am just landing at the airport for a couple of hours. But his mom is going to come up to the airport and meet me, and hopefully bring me some of my stuff stored at her sister's house. 

I realized this morning that this means Óskar's shoes will need to be in my carry on luggage, since I will need to be accessing it during millilending. I also realized that I will have to check whatever my cousin Fanney brings me up at the airport in Iceland. This means I really won't be able to have any checked luggage at all with me on my trip to Sweden. Traveling light is a good idea anyhow, since I have to fly and take the train and walk all around a little medieval town. But with Óskar's shoes taking up probably a third of my roll-on bag, I am basically not going to be able to bring anything to wear at all. 

Ah, the sacrifices we make for family. 


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