Service call requested!

When I moved into my apartment in Iceland, they threatened to take away my garbage disposal, which would have ceased to work after they switched over to 220 volt electricity. I told them instead to leave things at 110. There were several reasons for this, but one of which was my desire to keep my garbage disposal. That thing is magic. I do not have to throw any icky food into the trash where it sit there rotting. Nope, straight into the garbage disposal where it gets ground up and washed away. Whala! Discovering how useful the garbage disposal is has significantly changed my attitude about doing dishes, which is something I had a bit of a complex about when I was a kid (my mom always left the dishes soaking overnight until the water had gotten dirty and cold!)

Imagine then my dismay when I came back to the states, only to find my apartment had no garbage disposal. I had assumed an American apartment would, but neglected to reckon one built in 1904 would not. So for seven months I scooped out food from the drainage basket, with a reluctant blech everytime. 

So now I am in a proper American apartment, with all the cabinets and ceiling fans and airconditioner one expects. Plus a garbage disposal. A week after moving in, the garbage disposal stopped working. I was dismayed. I told the landlord the next day, which was last Friday. The following Monday was a holiday, so I knew I would have to go all weekend without my garbage disposal. Tuesday went by. Then Wednesday. By this point I was seriously considering knocking on the landlord's door to give him a piece of my mind. But he had said he had put in a work order, so I tried to relax. Thursday the worker showed up to take a look at it, with the landlord. After a half hour, the technician said, "Wow, I don't know how to fix this," to which the landlord replied, "We better get someone who knows what they are doing." I was sitting in the next room, trying to write, but the specter of being garbage-disposal-less haunted me. I was informed it might be a day or two until the proper technician could come. Ok I thought, I could make it. 

To my utter delight, he came ahead of schedule, that very afternoon. So today I am the proud owner of a working garbage disposal. 


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