Icelandair has had my international travel dollars consistently for years now, even before I moved to Iceland; of course once I was living there that was all I used, except maybe twice on Iceland Express.

This upcoming Tuesday, however, I will be flying international on a British airline, direct from SFO to Heathrow. I am so excited about this change of pace, and already trying to figure out how to best use my time during the 12 hour flight. I think I will buy a new battery for my laptop, since this one is 3 years old now and looses juice in about an hour. I will probably also buy a Soduko book, and bring some other reading with me. And sleep. I believe I will arrive in London ready to change clothes and start my day of intra-European travel.  

I had of course checked Icelandair first, but the flight took much longer that way, especially because I would have to take a domestic flight first. Now instead I will be flying the route preferred by professional businessmen, and I am feeling very sophisticated about the whole thing. 

On the way back though, I will be flying Icelandair. I am afterall a loyal customer. Plus with online booking and no fare difference between one-way tickets and round-trip tickets, a gal can arrange things to really suit her best, just the way she wants it. 


I am just jealous that you get to spend time in Heathrow, my favorite airport! :) Save travels.

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