Size 10 at least

All of my clothing is getting too tight on me. Though I could blame the hormones in the food in the U.S., I am pretty careful actually about only buying natural freerange non-hormone added type meat. So that is not it. I could also blame all the restaurants that pile up the plates with huge portions, but then it is rather my fault if I eat it all, isn't it? 

I could say it is the lack of good drinking water. In Iceland, I drank so much water I was hardly ever unbelievably hungry, so I ended up eating less. Here, I drink less water and I eat more. So that might be something I can blame on someone or something else. 

But the real problem is that I have become lazy. Lazy Liz. I meander down to my classroom to teach, I take my time with my dissertation, I have no emails piling up screaming to be answered. My only slight area of stress is my son Palmer, who has a rather ridiculously busy summer schedule. It makes me realize just how very easy my schedule is, as a part time teaching instructor. So I have become lazy. 

In Iceland, and indeed most of my life, I have not been Lazy Liz. I have been Enthusiastic Elisabeth, striving to accomplish a million things at once, always eager to jump into things, express an opinion, engage in projects. 

Eager Elisa was a size 6. Lazy Liz is a size 10-12. 

Time for me to buy a new wardrobe. 


Jon said…
Time for you to get moving. And time for me to get moving, also. I have to remember, eat less and move more.
Iris said…
You know while I think it noble that you try to not blame anyone else but yourself, I do find it suspicious that I was also a size 6 while in Icleand and then rather quickly jumped to a size 14 when I moved to the US afterwards.
However, I did not have a car in Iceland and had to walk everywhere (not that it is huge but probably does make a difference).
But - hey - a nice excuse to buy new clothes :-)

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