Open House

For the fourth time, the management company that takes care of my apartment is having an "open house" today. Which means that for 45 minutes, I am supposed to vacate my home while a parade of strangers, escorted by someone from the management company, peaks around at my living conditions. Of course they are supposed to just notice the wonderful view, and not the horrendous lack of storage and cabinet space (there is not even a proper clothes closet in this apartment). So, I suppose it is no surprise that so far, no one has jumped up and down at excitement upon seeing this place, and offered an immediate security deposit. And so the open houses continue.

My cat and I would be very happy to have our privacy back.


Jon Frimann said…
Thankfully. I only had to do this after I did cancel my rent contract in Denmark.

It did only happen once and was no big deal.

I am going back to Denmark from the year 2013, sometimes early.

I am going to avoid the inflation hell that is upon Iceland and Icelanders, starting in the year 2013.

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