Population of Iceland

I remember so well when I first started becoming a bit of an authority for Americans on all things Iceland in the early 90s. Back then, I would tell everyone who wanted to listen to me babble about my favorite place that Iceland had a population of a quarter-million. By the time I was working at the Smithsonian, the population statistics were 275,000, so I of course would use that number when giving public lectures and such. Around the time I moved to Iceland, the population had gotten up to 300,000, and well honestly that is the number I still use generally speaking. But about two weeks ago I had a facebook comment about 300,000 Icelanders, and was promptly corrected by my friend Valdimar, who sent me one liner telling me I had seemingly forgotten about the other 13 thousand. I thanked him and left the matter at that.

But until the population gets to 325,000, I am not revising my statistics.


Elmar Freyr said…
Það er heldur engin ástæða til, 313.000. er fín kringlótt tala til að notast við næstu ca. 4 árin.

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