Facebook displays, as everyone knows who uses it, advertisements to the side of one's "homepage" or newsfeed. They also appear on one's profile page, and in fact when one is looking at photos or anything. There is always some ad in the corner, on every page, and like Google ads they are supposed to be relevant to your likes and interests, according to your facebook profile.

Three times, I have marked a little "x" in the upper left corner of one particular ad that I get shown all the time. It is an add for a coupon for a manicure/pedicure place here in Berkeley. Unfortunately, the photo they use to advertise this "special deal" is the foot of a woman whose nails have been painted some sort of greenishblue with small polkadots all over it. Her toes are rather short and pale and a bit puffy, and well, I have to say the overall effect is that I am looking at the toes of a dead person, who has become pale and swollen and whose toenails have been covered with mold.

When you mark an "x" on a facebook ad, you get a drop down menu asking you why you chose to "hide" this advertisement. I have always marked "other" and then had to explain, "the picture is gross." I guess I could check the box for "offensive", because for whatever reason, doing what I have been doing does not seem to stop this ad from appearing.

So I am now seriously wondering about deleting my facebook account. I read a piece recently that said really, we only have 150 meaningful relationships in our lives. I have 281 friends on facebook.

But facebook, for all its faults, is of course also a community of sorts, and I guess I keep thinking someday, some of those connections might just come in handy to help me with something or another. It did in fact prove very helpful for selling my car in Iceland.

I sure would like it though if it would stop showing me pictures of dead toes.


Karen said…
There's free software called Ad Blocker that works with Firefox to block all kinds of ads in all kinds of sites. It works well on Facebook.
I'm sure there's something that works with IE as well if that's your preferred browser.

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