Sister in Seattle

I had planned to spend a few days in Seattle on my way back to California from Iceland. My sister lives there and it is a good city, a nice mid-size metropolis with plenty to do without one feeling totally lost in the  endless concrete jungle. 

However, my sister told me while I was in Iceland that her new job would have her working almost the entire time I had planned to spend in Seattle. She of course said she would be happy to ask her boss for one of those nights off. I did not think this was a very good idea, not only because I thought it was important that she make a good impression on her boss, but more so because I wanted my sister to know that I respected very much her time and the importance of her job. I most certainly did not want to give her the impression that I thought it was more important for her to pick me up and entertain me, than for her to do something that would make her feel useful and productive and, well, part of life in the big city. 

I think it is the job of siblings, and family in general, to never demand that our families bend over backwards and make all sorts of sacrifices for us, even though we know very well they would. Instead, it is the job of siblings to let our family members know just how very much they deserve every single good thing that comes their way, and that we want them to enjoy it to the fullest without a bit of hesitation. 

She is working in downtown Seattle in a big highrise, and I think that is cool. I am going to do everything I can to make that work out for her. 


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