DV was just laying there....

At lunch today, I happened to notice the latest DV laying on the lunch counter, with photos from the Harpa opening. So I read it while I ate my sandwich.

This was in some ways a compromise of my principals. I had cancelled my subscription to that paper last year, after trying it for three or four weeks, because, of course, it is not really a newspaper.

But it cannot do too much harm, to glance through it without taking any of the "news" it contains very seriously or too much to heart.


Islandsbloggen said…
DV is actually the only Icelandic newspaper I buy and read on a regular basis. Admittedly each issue usually contains several stomach-wrenching and highly doubtful pieces. That being said I still find DV more trustworthy and relevant than any of the other dailies.
Ko-Leen said…
Ive also heard DV is the only real paper left, at least they sometimes investigate things.
Lissy said…
Yeah, I have heard that also, just never saw any evidence of it myself.
It is at least better that Morgunblaðið.

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