Uncle Einar

My mother's brother flew from Keflavik to Seattle a few days ago, spent a few days with my sister in Seattle, and is now here visiting me. Today I am driving him down to Southern California (well, just part way, which is even better).

We had a nice time walking around Berkeley yesterday, and playing with Palmer in the park.

But my favorite part of the visit so far is when he told me that my apartment is exactly like the apartments in the oldest parts of Reykjavik. The wooden framing, the little doors, even the narrow stairway made him feel like he was coming into one of those places.

Otherwise, not much about Berkeley has reminded him of Keflavik. Although last night we were at a cafe, and the Berkeley/UCLA basketball game was on. It had gone into OT and we, along with everyone else at the bar, cheered Cal on to victory.


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