Eyjafjallajökull revisited

Today I happened to mention to one of my colleagues about going out to Hekla during the Eyjafjallajökull eruption. It suddenly occurred to me in the midst of telling them about how the hotel was totally empty and about how high the ash cloud was that it was a REALLY stupid thing of me to drag my son and his father out there. Worse yet, I picked a hotel at the base of another, even larger volcano, whose eruption is listed as "immanent."

As per my usual optimistic (read, unrealistic) self, I made the best of the situation, enjoyed swimming in the hotpool with Palmer, etc. But now when I look back on that trip, I see how really uncomfortable I was, how stressful the entire atmosphere was, how totally out of sorts we all were. I should not have gone there, is what my memory tells me, now. Eight months too late.

A friend of mine had told me not to go there before I went, but I ignored him. I guess I thought I was so tough that there was no way it could bother me, and I did not want anyone to tell me different. Ummm, I was wrong.


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