A few weeks ago, my brother gave me a cat. He had named her Patches, but I changed her name to Ásdís. When he gave her to me, he said that she was a good cat, the best one in the liter.

Until he gave me her, he had six female cats in his apartment. So it was sort of funny when he said to me she was "especially good" for a female cat. He knows of course how much I loved and adored my cat Ember, who was a male cat, even though everyone thought his name was Amber and assumed he was female. Male cats, especially after they are neutered, are really amazing pets.

So far Ásdís is too young to go through heat, but hopefully she'll stay mellow and affectionate.


Jon said…
Don't forget to have her spayed. Over half of my dozen cats were feral and open when I got them. I am maxed out, but there are too many that still need homes.
Lissy said…
Well, I consider it my obligation, from the point of view of feline evolution, to allow her genes to live on. She has a thumb, and she is working on standing upright. She has to breed, so she can be the Lucy of a brave new line of kitty kind.

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