Attendance policy

It is my understanding that the University of Iceland does not require students to attend class. In fact, I am pretty sure this is a European wide standard.

But in the U.S., attending class is a must-do sort of thing. I am writing up my syllabus just now, and have to put something in there about penalization if the students miss more than a certain number of classes.


Anonymous said…
there's 80% attendance mandatory in the Iceland Academy of the Arts.
Valur said…
Ég er í núna í einu HÍ-námskeiði þar sem kennarinn lætur mann kvitta fyrir mætingu og dregur mann niður ef maður er ekki með 80% mætingu.

En slíkt fyrirkomulag er frekar undantekning hér.
Jon said…
Does it get confusing going between the two cultures?
Lissy said…
Hi Jon, Well, I never took any classes in the Icelandic system, so I never had any culture shock in school. The US system is the one I know, and love.

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