Fundarsalir í Víkingaheimar

One of the spaces in Víkingaheimar was designed to be a fundarsalir, but I had always understood it to be more of a lecture hall than meeting room. It can fit chairs for about 80 people, and has outfittings for a screen and projector (we have not yet had the money to actually buy those things yet though).

I made the decision a while back not to leave this room sit empty when not in use as a lecture hall or meeting room, so it currently houses our discussion of the Viking raids: there the case with a selection of Viking Age weapons we borrowed from Sweden, as well as a large mural depicting the raid at Lindisfarne monastery done for the original Smithsonian exhibition. There is also a discussion of how raiding and trading went hand in hand in the Viking Age.

These things will not be removed for the meeting of the Ríkisstjórn tomorrow, but they are safely against the wall and rather out of everyone's way, I hope. It is of course a setting that brings to mind the exploits of the original útrásavíkingar, and I suppose that is in some ways fitting.

None of the current ráðherra have ever been to Víkingaheimar, so obviously I am very glad they will be holding a meeting there tomorrow. Although I do not so much as imagine that I will get to give them a tour of the museum, I hope they will nevertheless get the impression that in building Víkingaheimar, Reykjanesbær was very much trying to do something culturally enhancing for the township and school kids, as well as something to show our foreign visitors a very interesting story about Iceland's past.


William said…
I'm thinking "Congratulations" are in order here!!
Lissy said…
Haha, not so fast Dad. You know your daughter could still do something smooooottth like spill coffee all over the Prime Minister.

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