Icelandic American Association

Because I am an American living in Iceland of mixed Icelandic-American heritage, people tend to talk to me about U.S.-Icelandic relations. It is indeed an interest of mine, no doubt about it. I am genuinely excited that there is now a US Ambassador here in Iceland, and one that seems to have something on the ball to boot (judging from his blog

When I was attending the welcome reception for Ambassador Arreaga at Bessastaðir a few weeks ago, I got into a discussion with a nice young Icelandic couple who had spent time in the U.S. about the need for a more vibrant social club or exchange between the U.S. and Iceland. On Sunday, I am invited over to their family home for lunch, and I suppose part of the idea is to continue that discussion. At least I suppose so. It could also just be a purely social visit with a nice excuse to have a sangria with lunch.


Lissy said…
There is of course an existing organization for this, but they have been, by all account, rather in need of a boost.

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