Defining parameters

I am staying at the house where my son and exhusband live in California at the moment. The weather here is sunny and warm and things are going well. Dave is a good cook and we fall back into our old routine of one cooking and the other doing the after-dinner dishes very easily.

But otherwise, there are lots of adjustments of course needed in a situation like this one. I have usually tried to talk mostly about Palmer and not about much else, but that tends to make Dave think I am being nit-picky about what he is eating or who he is playing with.  Unfortunately, though, I am not keeping up enough with U.S. sports and politics to be able to talk to Dave about those things. And when I try to tell him about political goings on in Iceland, he can only feign interest so long. We do manage a few conversations about our respective family members, their health and well-being, and that seems to be a good safe topic. And the neighbors around here.


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