Starting school

Today Dave will be taking Palmer to his elementary school in California for the first time, to meet his teacher and his other classmates. Then tomorrow, Palmer will have his first day of kindergarden.

It is of course extremely difficult for me to be missing out on this milestone in my son's life. I was there for his first day of day care, and his first day of preschool, and actually Palmer himself seems very calm. I guess for him kindergarden won't seem that different than preschool. But still, I know the difference, I know what it means to be getting started on this long process of structured learning. And so I somewhat lament that the visit of Dr. Fitzhugh is this same week, since it meant I could not be in California. My mom and my sister and my niece and my dad are however all up at Dave's house today and tomorrow, so I think they will make sure Palmer feels what a special day it is.

I am thankfully for their help, and also for the fact that schools here in Iceland are starting this week. It makes me feel a little bit more in touch with what he is experiencing.

And although I was holding the lock of hair I saved from him last night, I am trying not to be too melancholy. I know I will see him again soon.  


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