Palmer and I have done a number of "experiments" while he has been here. When the volcano was erupting, we did something with red dye, a rock, and baking soda that approximated lava bubbling down a mountain side. And now the last few days he has been mixing various juices together, calling it an experiment.

When I was a kid, my best friend Wendy and I used to try to make cement out of whatever household products were laying under the kitchen sink. Usually it was a combination of ajax and soap, anything that was white and sticky. We would then take this concoction outside and fill in the holes in the sidewalk. Of course usually whatever we did would get washed away at the next rain, but those were pretty seldom in So Cal.

When Palmer gets back to California, he'll be enrolled in a "science camp" where the kids will do experiments and learn about the planets. I hope it will instill in him a life-long interest in science and discovery, but we'll see. Just as long as he has a good time.


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