Camping in Iceland is simply amazing. We have a perfect spot.


Valur said…
Þar verðið þið víst að ganga meðfram strandlengjunni. Þar er áhugavert fuglalíf að sjá og afar fallegar hraunmyndanir.
宛君宛君 said…
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Anonymous said…
Æði! :)
Lissy said…
I did make it to the cliffs near the campsite to see the columnar basalt formations and the caves - amazing! But I think I freaked Palmer out a bit when when I set him down 50 feet in land and commanded him to sit perfectly still while I took photos. Not as much though as the kria dive bombing us when we tried to take another walk down to the beach. But we found another little spot down the road with lovely sandy beaches and totally kria-free.

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