Dánjal Orri

For the last two days one of the neighbor boys has shown up by the back door, not saying much but seemingly wanting to play with Palmer. I've invited him in and he and Palmer have played some games together, but he always leaves rather abruptly a few minutes after he arrives. I suspect this has something to do with Palmer's language skills.

Nothing would make me happier than to see him walk up to a little kid, and start speaking perfect Icelandic, in his normal, outgoing, direct, friendly way. It would really fill my heart with joy. But I am realistic about his language acquisition. Outside of daycare, he is not getting much exposure to Icelandic, and this last week I even took him out of day care three days of the week. I am really amazed that he has the comprehension skills he has, and such beautiful pronunciation. If he does not get to the point of  declining the nouns and conjugating the verbs by July, that would be mostly my fault.


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