Bedtime routine

Palmer's bedtime routine has been thrown out the window the last two nights, and I suspect the same will happen tonight. Instead of falling asleep in his bed, with me sitting beside him, and then crawling into my bed around 4am, he now insists on sleeping in my bed the whole night through. This is cutting down on my chance to get some reading done at night, because I end up falling asleep with him. However, I am managing to get up in the middle of the night for a few hours, which reminds me not only of my schedule in highschool and college, but also whenever I am home in California, trying to adjust to the time change.

I am consoling myself with the example of Winston Churchill, who just took naps when he was tired without ever devoting 8 hours straight to sleep. In fact the claim goes that some of the most brilliant and productive people were nappers. So maybe this will become a new habit.


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