An orange fridge, etc.

A friend I met here in Iceland is leaving tomorrow, back to the States. I volunteered to take her fridge, one she's had since her and her husband lived in Australia actually. Somewhere along the journey it got painted orange with a swirly yellow design all around it, very Latin American or something.  I dig it.  So even though I will not need a fridge until I move or something, I still wanted to have it. It is safely in storage for now.

She wanted to hang onto the fridge until her very last day in town; it is afterall quite reassuring to know one has at least food, if not a place to sleep. So picking up the fridge meant I was part of her impromptu going away party. With my cold, and Palmer in tow, I was not able to send her off with a beer and lots of laughs, but we said a short, sincere goodbye. I think I will miss her a little.


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