My friend Candy and her husband Robbie, plus their two cats, had their flight from Iceland to Boston cancelled on them yesterday. I told them if that happened they should call me, and indeed they did.

So now I have house guest, unexpectedly, last night and tonight. This was not only fine with me, but felt very nice.

I have to say I am a little bit proud of myself, or proud of the upbringing I got from my mom, that I am hosting them even though both Palmer and I are really rather sick. I could have told them not to come on the basis it was for their own good, and perhaps Palmer would have gotten a bit better night's sleep.  But really I am so so happy for the company, and this is just a bad headcold, not the stomach flu or something.

So it is all good. And I am really happy I had a chance to give Candy some sense of security in the midst of a international move, exploding volcanos, and crying cats.


Anonymous said…
Flott :)

Ég er örugglega með sama kvef og þú, nefrennsli, fullur haus af slími og hálsbólga. Mjööög gott að vera að fljúga til Ástralíu þannig...
Lissy said…
I went for the chicken soup remedy tonight, and really hope it helps get rid of this cold. Blech, can't imagine getting on a airplane!

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