Dyeing eggs

Tonight Palmer and I dyed 10 hard boiled eggs green and red. I used a white crayon to make designs on some of them, for variety sake. Palmer also wanted us to try taking the eggs out of the red and into the green, and vice versa. I think we managed to come up with a decent batch of Easter Eggs.

My memories of Easter as a child revolve so much around decorating the eggs. We had dippers we would use and special kits with stickers and I don't really know what. But us siblings would sit in the backyard and color them every year. It was a good ritual, one of the few we had really, so it felt nice to repeat it today with my son.

I hid our decorated eggs around the living room and the kitchen for Palmer to find them in the morning tomorrow. In California of course the easter egg hunt would be outside, but it was sowing here in Iceland today. Until the flowers start appearing, it won't feel too much like spring!


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