Bible Belt

Yesterday I went to an authentic Born Again Christian church service. I know there are some Born Agains in Iceland (though not as many as say Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons), but there are no churches like this one. 2,500 members, services held in two large barn-style buildings with the preacher's sermon televised on big screens all around. The rock band that started out the service was very good, especially nice since they were accompanied by a choir. Christian Rock is big business down here in the South (and actually, over much of the U.S.).  

The preacher was laid back, relaxed, funny, smart, and I found him very inspiring (of course, I cry everytime I go to church, so that alone was not the main indication). He seemed exactly suited to the calling he was following, which I think was the most reassuring thing about it. In the right circumstances, a teacher or a preacher can be more affective at changing the world than anyone else, just by the wisdom of their words and the courage of their convictions.  


Iris said…
I thought Dave's family is Baptist. And yes there is a suprising amount of Jehova's witnesses in Iceland. I did tell you that my grandma was one, right?

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