I am proud to report that one quality I was well known for in California has re-emerged with a vengeance today. No, I'm not talking about being too pushy (although perhaps I was that at one of my meetings), but rather my special skill for breaking glasses. Happens all the time anywhere I live. My family here in Iceland said my grandmother was the same way, so I take comfort in that. Today it was as if the gods of the glasses demanded a sacrifice, and were not going to rest until they got it. First thing this morning, I chipped one ceramic coffee cup, then a few hours later I spilt a huge glass of hot tea all over my counter. These two accidents did not suffice, so just a bit ago, my measuring cup leaped out of the cabinet, breaking into hundreds of tiny glass fragments all over my counter top. It is good when somethings don't change. 


Ko-Leen said…
like a whole lota awsomeness to me

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