Dinner invite

I have been invited to dinner tonight at the house of a not-so-closely related relative whom I have basically never spoken to before. I told a friend of mine that today at lunch, and she said, "oh, you´ll have fun!" in a completely non-sarcastic way. She´s been in Iceland 20 years, and has a bit more faith than I do that when Icelanders get together with family, they find something to talk about. I on the other hand still have nightmares about when I invited a 2nd cousin (Icelandic) I´d never spoken to over for dinner in California. Things went from bad to worse, first the awkward discussion of why our grandparents were only half-siblings, then my son didn´t want to play with their kids, but the worst was that I forgot to offer them coffee. Anyhow, I´m heading off tonight with a positive attitude, with hopes it will go better this time.


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