It isn't brain surgery

It is raining hard here in Seattle again this morning, as one would expect. And I am waiting on news of my mom's MRI, she is back in the hospital again as of yesterday. When this first happened, I should have reached out to my mother's family in Iceland, her sister and brother and my cousins, instead of just blogging about it. But instead I guess I was just in too much shock. Now that it has had some time to settle in, I am being better about letting those know that need to know what is going on and what they can do to help. My brother thinks there is a possibility my mom might need surgery. That has got me thinking about the term "it isn't brain surgery", which is used when there is something so obvious, anyone should be able to do it, even without special training. Like figuring out that it rains a lot in Seattle. Or figuring out that I am upset.

Here is hoping for a wonderfully talented, careful and caring, brain surgeon to come in and make it all better. Make the long, horrible, painful headache go away, the numbness down the left side. Someone who know what they are doing, and who knows it is brain surgery. Make the aneurysm go away.

I wrote the aneurysm a long letter on Monday, telling it all the reason's it doesn't have the right to be there. Of course, there was no where to send such a letter, but it exists on my computer hard drive, a ghost in the machine. And I will never forgive it if it makes things any worse than they already are for my family, and will only consider forgetting about this whole incident if there is a full and complete recovery.

Vonandi er heilbrigiskerfi kerfi hérna í bandarikjum eins gott og man segja.


Words of Wisdom from my brother said…
It can't be a heart surgeon, or a back surgeon. Even an experienced nuerosurgeon could miss this kind of aneurysm, which occurs in only 5% of cases (no residual symptoms), thinking instead it was just a bad headache. It has to be someone who actually has experience with sort of thing, and who fundamentally and personally understands how to work around this life-threatening condition.
Lissy said…
My brother is a nurse.
Jono said…
I hope your mom has the best outcome.

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