Program at the Nordic Heritage Museum on election night (Nov. 3rd)

So a few months ago, I had to figure out what to do with a repeat program, i.e., a program that I had put on in March and the presenter then asked if they could come back and present again. This happens to me more often than you might imagine.

So I took what might be a bit of a cop-out. I punted the program (to mix metaphors) over to the Nordic Heritage Museum, instead of having it at my museum at PLU.

So tonight was the program, and it turned out pretty good, thanks to the fact that 90% of the audience was related to one or the other of the two presenters.

I took the two presenters and some of their relatives out to dinner ahead of time, and started to get involved in the inevitable conversations about logistics, of who was going to do what with whom and when and where over the next few day, who was driving with whom to the museum, etc.

And then I realized, there were people far more qualified than I am to make these decisions. Like the family members themselves. So I backed off and let them figure it out, trusting in the local know-how especially of the cousin from Seattle. He seemed like a good guy.  

Well the program was good, it wove together stories from the emigrant past in a valley in Norway with modern tales of rediscovering those roots. One presenter added in some details about modern Norway, like the obsession with Kviklunsj and Slow TV, that were a bit off topic, but harmless enough. I took no photos nor video, although I think some others might have.

It was a risky night for a program, what with it being election day and all, but there wasn't anything big on the ballot this time around anyhow. Except voters agreeing finally to raise taxes to do something about the public transportation nightmare in this area. Please, Seattle, do something quickly. Everyone is dying in all this traffic.


Jono said…
I think "quickly" and "public transportation" don't go together very well. Improvements are usually slow and incremental.

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