Funny and smart and cute

This week, I am working at installing an exhibition by a modern artists from Norway. I liked the idea of the show the first time I heard about it--a Norwegian looking at Norwegian-Amerucan culture sounded so intriguing. And I liked it even better once I saw it in person installed at Vesterheim museum in Iowa, sitting there like a little gift, a moment of relaxation in a leather chair. The exhibition is unusual, this mix of serious photos and high art videos with whimsical touches, such as colorful pillows in the middle of the room. The photos are amazing though, kids and dogs and cats, all with good Scandinavian names, but wearing very American clothes, plaid shirts and linen pants and baseball hats, all so adorable. Now the show is finally getting installed in my gallery, and I'm excited, even though it is a lot of work. I am really looking forward to it all being done, and to the wine and cheese reception.


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