A satisfactory ending

I just watched Project Runway, one of those reality TV shows that is a contest. As the name suggests, the challenges each week are around designing clothing. I turned on the TV to keep me company while eating dinner by myself, and ended up watching the whole episode. Fabrics, sewing, and clothing design I like, both for the creativity and the materiality of it, there is something meaningful in ones clothing choices.

Anyhow, usually the contestants on this show are very emotional, artistic types with tons of drama. Through the whole show, there is backstabby snarkiness that no one should take too seriously. So at the end of the show, when the one designer with the worst design is kicked off the show, it is usually filled with tears and anger.

But in a surprising and welcome change of pace, tonight the loosing contestant was perfectly happy to go. There was no dramatic exit interview, no whinnyness, just a mature admonition that the right decision had been reached. I bet she had realized this quite a while ago, and the feeling was entirely mutual. This makes leaving easier.

Watch the episode here

I was, at the commercial breaks, flipping over to a different channel. It was showing the movie Armageddon. Funny coincidence.


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