Worth the risk?

I am driving 700 miles one way, so 1400 round trip, in four days, which is actually not that fun, especially for my sensitive knee. And it is actually a bit risky. Today my Audi informed me that I needed maintenance (namely, an oil change) in 400 miles. So my sister and I tried to figure how to check the oil before I hit the road, but with no luck. The owners manual had an illustration that is apparently for a different model, shows a little orange dipstick not visible on my model.

One can hope that hitting the road without doing all the required maintence exactly right won't lead to tragedy. It's like the odds of getting hit by lightening, right? And to make the odds lower, we can say like getting hit by lightening in Iceland, where there is no jolts of electricity raining down, just wind and rain.

My Audi deserves better than this kind of Russian roulette with its engine, but I hope it forgives me. We've got a long way to go on the I-5.


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