Not a Viking diet

About two years ago, the head of Framsóknarflokkurinn, Sigmundur Davið, said he was going on a "Viking diet", which meant to him a diet in which one only ate meat and dairy. This annoyed me, since it was based on some sort of stereotype of the barbaric Viking that ought not be floating around Iceland, of all places. The real diet of late Iron age Scandinavians ("Vikings") was not low carb: first of all they drank a ton of beer, and secondly, they ate plenty of bread.

So I am not on a Viking diet. I am however on a low carb diet, which means I have stopped eating bread or other starches (potatoes, corn, rice). Basically, no white fluffy food.

This has been working pretty well for me, although this morning I stopped by a cafe and ordered an omelet for breakfast that I was not too pleased with. Not only did it take a long time, was clearly microwaved, and had a slice of American cheese on top (which isn't really cheese at all, it is a "cheese like product"), but it also had undercooked mushroom stems stuffed inside of it. No matter what diet I am on, I do not need to be eating button mushrooms, of this I am sure.

In other news, I hope my readers will not mind that I am rather blah and boring these days. I'm so worried about the election in Iceland, and I hate the feeling that I can't do a thing about it. I told the Þjóðskrá that I live erlendis now, and I think that means I no longer have voting rights.

But I wish the Icelanders would send Mr. Viking Diet packing.


Villi said…
Þú átt að vera á kjörskrá, sjá
Ingibjörg Stefánsdóttir said…
If you have had voting rights in general elections before you should keep them even though you are not living in the country.

You can vote with the next ambassador or consulate.
Lissy said…
Ok, eg skal kirkjan a kjorskra. I got an email from the Icelandic American association about voting but it said one had to cast a ballot in ones "home district".
Icelandish said…
Oh my, I had a great laugh at Sigmundur Davið's "diet"! (How did that work out for him in the end? haha)On a side note, I cannot wait for the Kosningar to be over. One more week!
Icelandish said…
Cannot wait for Kosningar to be over! One week now. :-)

And yeah, how great was Sigmunder Davið's "Viking diet"? Not sure it worked...

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