Public transportation

When I lived in Reyjanesbær, I rarely took advantage of the free bus service. But now living in Walnut Creek, where only one bus route out of 50 is free, I have put considerable effort into taking advantage of what is a rare privilege. All I have to do is walk a mile and a quarter to the shopping district, where I can catch the free bus that takes me an additional mile and a quarter to the Bart station. Considering that there is a bus that stops literally right in front of my apartment building, I am being really cheap by walking to the free bus. But I am a thrifty girl at heart. Why spend money if you don't have to?

I also like the free bus because people are a lot more talkative on it. Lots of locals seem to use it even though it is intended for visitors, and everyone is very chatty. Of course, they aren't talking to me, but I do sometimes listen into their conversations to entertain myself during the ride.

Eves dropping was harder when I lived in Iceland, I guess because americans speak so much louder. That is, unless there is a drunk Icelander on the bus.


Ko-Leen said…
I love free buses

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