It all makes perfect sense

I made a quick trip down to Southern California Friday and Saturday, and although I had seen my mom, my dad, and my brother just a few weeks ago for my graduation ceremony, apparently in the interim I have gained a significant amount of weight. Of course I knew I was trending in that direction, but it wasn't until this weekend, when my mom and dad and brother all separately, and without malice, made the straight forward comment that I have put on some weight that I realized it has now gotten to the point where not only do I notice it, so do others. It was perhaps especially noticeable because my brother has, in contrast, lost at least 10 pounds since I last saw him 2 weeks ago.

So this led to the typical conversation about why I am gaining weight. The explanations bandied about included: 1) I am sitting at my desk too much, writing my dissertation, and snacking; 2) I am not getting enough exercise; 3) I am not terribly happy these days and I always gain weight when I am unhappy; 4) American food is so full of hormones that it makes everyone in this country fat; 5) I am not drinking as much water as I did when I lived in Iceland.

I was of course heavily endorsing explanations 4 and 5 much more so than explanations 1 and 2 in these conversations. But just now, when I went to the fridge with the thought to eat a piece of nectarine, and instead pulled out a piece of cheesecake, it occured to me I cannot simply assign all of this to my present lack of a steady supply of Icelandic water.


William said…
There must be SOME way to import large quantities of Icelandic water!

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