On the waterfront

I was hoping to write a nice long blog about the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge festival, which Palmer and I went to yesterday. But we got a late start, and Palmer was very tired, so we didn't stay long, and I ended up not taking a single picture.

But I did want to say that the setting of the festival, on a grassy field right beside the bay, reminded me a lot of the setting of Ljósanótt in Reykjanesbær. And then there was a stage where local bands were playing, just like at Ljósanótt. And just like at Ljósanótt, the bands were complaining about it being too windy.

There was also a parade of old cars at the festival for the Golden Gate Bridge, which reminded me of the parade of cars at Ljósanótt. But I must say, I had more fun at Ljósanótt.


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