Palmer will be home with me for Easter dinner on Sunday, and although I am trying to focus on my dissertation, I know I am really looking forward to that day. I already bought the ingredients for the meal, which is sort of inspired by Icelandic Sprengi dagur -- lamb and beans. Unfortunately, I cannot replicate the Icelandic easter eggs here, those wonderful decorative oval cases of chocolate, filled with more candy and a little note telling you about the year. The outside of the egg is decorated with little springy items, like little fussy chicks and candy flowers and you hardly want to crack them open. But once you get through the outer shell, a whole new adventure awaits. 

I think though he'll be pretty excited by the hallow plastic eggs I bought, which pop open in the middle, some filled with chocolate, some filled with gummy bears. I am going to hide all over the apartment before he gets here and let him go on a wee bit of an easter egg hunt, even if it is kind of late on Sunday, instead of in the morning. 


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