Móðirin í Íslenskum Ljósmyndum / Mothers in Icelandic Photographs

Today I received in the mail a beautiful book, filled with photographs of Icelandic women and their babies. It is the exhibition catalogue from the Reykjavík Museum of Photography's exhibition from the year 2000, when Reykjavík was a European City of Culture.

Reading through the book made me tear up, think of my mom and my grandmother and all the photographs I have seen in all the livingrooms of all the family members I have spent time with in Iceland. It made me think of the exhibition at the National Museum, which I have analyzed in an article for Nordisk Museologi as a statement of the importance of women in Icelandic history. And it made me think of all the women I know back in Iceland, most of them mothers, some of them grandmothers, all of them lovely.


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