With a good friend...

I have never been a great one at accumulating female friends, although I did manage to make some good ones while living in Iceland. In the U.S., it has been tougher going, averaging about 1 fun and interesting female friend every five or six years, with dry spells in between.

I therefore consider myself most fortunate to have met Amanda my very first day as a graduate student at Berkeley. In a lot of ways we are a lot alike, obviously since are both interested enough in Scandinavia to be getting PhDs in the subject. We are also at the same place in the program, having started the same semester and planning on turning in our dissertations at the same time. But she is also one of the sweetest, prettiest, and kookiest grad students to have ever gone through the department, and I thank my pure timing luck that I ended up being this great woman's class mate (and yes, the feeling is mutual).

We had lunch together yesterday, and well, with a good friend, you can talk about absolutely anything, or absolutely nothing, and it doesn't matter at all. We're past the point of having taboo subjects.


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