Today California's Supreme Court upheld the lower court's decision declaring Prop. 8 unconstitutional. And the Republicans running for nomination had a show down in three states. So it was a big day in the news, all about big high stakes competitions that drag on and on.

Here in my house, I am happy to report things seem to be settling in with my new cat, a boy cat named Tristan. It is always a dicey proposition, to add another cat to a household. The little girl cat I had has vacillated between hiding from him, staring at him, following him around, hissing at him, swiping at him, and rolling around the ground purring near him. I think however I might have lucked out, and I am not going to have the typical cat competition over who is the alpha cat. Instead I believe they have worked it out, that they are both the alpha cats in their own ways.

Now if only gay marriage and political battles could be decided without intervention from the International Court at the Hague, there might be some hope.


Jono said…
I love your optimism!

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