San Reykjavík

Last night me and two friends of mine from the department--Amanda and Nan--plus Amanda's good friend Shannon went out in the city last night.

The discussion turned to Reykjavík on several occasions, since everyone at the table had been there at one time or another, and by the end of the night, driving home past the Marina, we even agreed there was something about San Francisco that reminded us all of Reykjavík, especially that part of town, near the Palace of Fine Arts and the harbor.

We also decided that the four of us having dinner and drinks at an upscale restaurant before going to an adult mixer at a museum counted as a "Sex in the City" sort of evening. And it occurs to me that was something that also reminded me of Reykjavík.

In the U.S., since I was 19 years old, when I have gone out for an evening somewhere, I have done so always as a couple, with a boyfriend or husband. It has only ever been during my trips to Iceland that I would go out on the town with "the girls" (my cousins usually). That is until now, this last year being back in the Bay Area.


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