My Dad's 70th

Birthday's are really good days to celebrate, whether they be milestone birthdays or not. This December 31st was my dad's 70th, and I am still replaying in my head all the laughs and hugs and excitement of that adventure. Here's to my dad, and a life extraordinary.


William said…
Dear Liz,
"Whispers from heaven" arrived today. You are so beautiful and thoughtful! Wow! I teared up reading the accompanying passage!
Love you so much!
esbboston said…
I used the "Next Blog" button on the screen to s'pposedly let Blogger randomly pick a blog for me to read. But two days in a row it picked your blog! The only thing I did the same was start from the same beginning previous blog of one of the main blogs that I read all the time. Its quite obvious that someone or something likes you at Blogger!
Lissy said…
Hi E. S. and thanks for the note. Maybe blogger has a way of determining blogging style, and thinks you'd be interested in a blog like mine, since your style (from my quick perusal) seems similar. I love the concept of "Finding Cuteness in the Universe" and think you should post more there! Looking for the little things in life that make the world a better place is such a good idea.
Lissy said…
Hey Dad, you are very welcome. It is just a little something, but I thought you and mom might like to have that chiming in the wind down there in Rainbow. Love you too.

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