I am a Libra, and I mean really a Libra. Of the 8 planets, 7 of them were in the constellation of Libra when I was born (not just the sun, which is the main determinant of astrological sign).

What this has meant for my daily life is that I have all sorts of weird OCD type things I do to try to live my life fairly. I try to not favor my right side too much, by doing things with my left hand, or putting my computer to my left, or getting out of bed on the left side, as often as possible. I try not to favor pants over skirts: I usually wear one one day and the next the other day. I have done this since I was 10 years old. Same with heals and flats. The article in Bleikt.is today made me think of this.

When people talk about finding the Golden Mean, I try to figure out what in the world other way there is to do something. Because finding the balance is inborn into me; I really do not even have to think about it anymore.


Vero Canzi said…
hi! nice blog! I don't know if you understand spanish, but if you do, check out my blog: infinitamenteyoyyo.blogspot.com
Lissy said…
Nice blog you as well. My son really liked the background song and the stars that came from the cursor. Que bueno! Todos los gentes i California entiendan espanol, por su puesto.
Jono said…
One who is truly OCD would be CDO.

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