Rockin' with Ragga

In one of those remarkable Icelandic coincidences, a woman I worked with in Iceland, and became friends with, is here in California for Christmas. She's invited me over to her parents house this afternoon for an Annan Jól party, which is so perfectly Icelandic, I love it. Americans don't do anything the day after Christmas, probably because Americans are too focused on what is to come, and less concerned about what just passed. But I do like the idea of extending the holiday out to a third day; that seems very civilized.

In another weird Icelandic coincidences, an American girl I know who is dating an Icelander reports to me that her boyfriend and my friend Ragga have a mutual friend. She found this out on facebook. I am not entirely convinced that facebook is a perfect representation of the closeness of people's real world friendships (I have plenty of facebook friends whom I have never met), and therefore I don't make a habit of looking through people's facebook profiles. But it might be interesting to ask Ragga today, whether or not she actually knows this person, of just added another facebook fan!


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