Krusteaz mix

A while back when my mom was up visiting, she brought along some pancake mix from a company called Krusteaz. Her and my father both confirmed it was the best pancake mix they had ever used (my father has been experimenting with pancake mixes since he was a short order cook in highschool). So when Palmer's school was doing a fund raising drive, by selling certain items, my mom encouraged me to buy the Krusteaz (whose name is a play on easy crust--the company was started in Seattle by some homemakers that found a trick to making great pie crusts) cookie mixes.

When Palmer was over here this week, I told him we'd make some cookies, and of course he wanted to make the chocolate chip cookies. I mixed up the batch, put the dough in the fridge, and then whenever we have wanted fresh baked cookies, we just scoop out six on the cookie sheet, and bake them.

I of course had to teach Palmer about how this was done, and especially the importance of making each scoop the same size. It is really hard to tell, of course, with the raw dough if you have gotten the scoop the exact same size, but it makes a big difference while they are baking in the oven. Otherwise the smaller scoops get burned and the larger scoops are half-baked, which is no good at all. But if you get all the scoops the same size, you have a beautiful batch of yummy chewy cookies.

The mix is only part of the trick.


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