Giant leaps?

This morning I gave my cat her Christmas presents, which must count as very American of me, not only because of the timing of the gift giving but also because of the genus of the recipient. I do not believe many Icelanders give their pets Christmas gifts, but I could be wrong about that. Americans on the other hand like to give their pets gifts at Christmas, and some owners even celebrate their pets' birthdays. Anyhow, that is a half-hearted attempt at justifying giving my cat Ásdís some new toys this morning.

One of them is called a Cat Dancer, and it costs $1.99. It is a simple toy--several little rolled up pieces of cardboard attached to a thin, springy wire. So it is pretty darn impressive how enthusiastic my cat was about playing with it, twirling around and jumping. After a few minutes of chasing after the cardboard pieces, she was already puffing and panting, and I thought to give her a break. But she kept wanting to play, getting bolder and bolder in her moves. 

Next time I expect to see a giant leap across the room. 


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