Columbus Day Uncertainty

My Saab has a hydraulic clutch, which means the clutch only works when the fluid in the line is full, with no air bubbles, etc. Otherwise, if there is pressure missing in the line, when I step down on the clutch petal it goes all the way to the floor and basically nothing happens to help smooth the transition from one gear to another. After two days of forcing my car into gear, I have made an appointment with a local Saab specialist to get the clutch serviced.

The funny thing is I made the appointment online, and I did it for Monday. Monday is a holiday here, Columbus Day. Like many of the lessor holidays in the US, it is almost impossible to predict whether or not a business will be open or closed on Monday. UC Berkeley is closed, since we are run by the State, as will be the post office. But usually nothing else is.

We'll see though. I could have a surreal experience on Monday, standing in front of the shop, appointment reminder in hand, with no sign of life anywhere inside, and a sign on the window saying "Open M-F, 7am to 5pm"

The nice thing about this shop though is it only takes cars on an appointment basis, and it always tries to return the car the same day. I like that kind of responsive customer service, I like the idea that the customer's time is valuable and that they deserve to know exactly when they will have their car back.

I hope it all works out.


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