So well I have no idea what to do with myself tomorrow night and Sunday night here in Sweden. My flight leaves Monday afternoon, and the conference activities are all over at 3pm tomorrow, leaving me 48 hours with nothing to do. I had hoped something would come up during the conference, and I contacted all the friends I know in Stockholm also. Nada. So that was poor planning on my part.


Lissy said…
Update: There is a night train I can take from Kalmar to Stockholm, so I am going to do that Sunday evening. As for where I will sleep Saturday night, the hotel I am at now has offered to put a cot into one of their conference rooms for me. This is what the did the first night I arrived also. So at least that is something. I am also going to check at the youthhostel near the airport, called the Swannen, but since the hotel I am at now gives breakfast and internet, I think I will probably just accept a cot in the conference room gladly.

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